Ágasvár Tourist Hut - Buffet

Ágasvári Turistaház étkező

Next to the Ágasvár Tourist House can be found the common area which serves as a buffet at the same time. Here you can buy refreshments and have your meal. You can eat the food you brought with you or you can order from the local specialties as well.

We would like to mention the pizzas that are baked locally, the strapatchka (a Slovakian traditional food), or the favorite of many people: the fried sausages with steamed cabbage.

Food that is available anytime: strapatchka, Vienna sausage, scrambled eggs. Other dishes are available on preorder. Our guests who stay at the house can order regular meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner - in advance. Please notify us if you would like to have a special menu.

We sell two kinds of bears: Pilsner and Kozel. Several nonalcoholic drinks available also.

Ice cream is sold out!

For more information call: +36-30-6-34-34-35

Ágasváron készült ételek Ágasváron készült ételek Ágasváron készült ételek