Ágasvár Tourist Hut - Accomodation

Ágasvári Turistaház

The Ágasvár Tourist House provides 4-bedded rooms with 2 wooden bunk beds per room for our guests. Bedlinen is available on demand but you can use your sleeping bag also.

The house includes a shared shower on the ground floor. The water is supplied by a little spring near the house, so please use the water in an economical way to reserve it for others.

The rooms are heated by small fireplaces in the winter season. Everyone may light up the fire themselves, but we help you if you have any trouble. Every room contains a power outlet which can be used e.g. to recharge the batteries of your mobile. Please note that we provide electricity only at the evening hours with the help of a generator. Please do not use devices that needs too much power. Electricity is not available during the day. Bringing a torch or candles with you is recommended.

The mobile networks do not available around the house, except Pannon. T-mobil and Vodafon can only be used from some places of the clearing.

Camping is allowed on the clearing next to the Tourist House in your own tents. Please check-in if you sleep in a tent also.

Please book your room in advance!

The rooms can be locked, but take care of your possessions.  We do not take responsibility for any lost items.

There is a buffet next to the Tourist House. It is open at every weekend. Breakfast, lunch and diner is available on request.

Have a nice time!