About the Ágasvár Tourist Hut

The Ágasvár Tourist Hut is located at the Western rim of the Mátra mountains in Hungary. It is situated 10km East from Pásztó at about half way between Mátrakeresztes and Mátraszentistván. The unmistakeable cone-shaped peak of Ágasvár comes into view as you reach Pásztó on the route 21. The house itself is inaccessible by car. The last couple of kms has to be made on foot.


From Mátrakeresztes it takes around 45-60 minutes to climb up to the house following the red sign, whereas from Mátraszentistván on the blue pathway it is a little more than an hour walk with much less climb.

After reaching the Ágasvár Tourist House you can have a rest at the clearing next to the house or order some refreshments in the buffet.

Ágasvár kilátás

After having enough rest, it is worth climbing up to the tip of Ágasvár following the blue triangle sign. From the summit in clear weather it is possible to see even the ridges of the High-Tatras.

Csörgő-lyuk barlang bejárata
A Csörgő-lyuk barlang bejárata

In the neighbourhood of the house located Csókakő and Bárány-kő, which are the favourite meeting points of the hungarian rock-climbing community, and also the  Csörgő-lyuk cave, which is closed from the public because of its narrow and dangerous paths. It can be visited only  with professional  guides.

Távcsövek az ágasvári réten

The Ágasvár Tourist House is situated far from habitated areas and is surrounded by forest. It is popular among the members of the Hungarian Astronomical Association because of its little light-polluted night skies. If you are lucky, they may show you some interesting sights on the sky, even  during the day.

A Csörgő-szurdok
A Csörgő-szurdok

In the valley below the house runs the Csörgő stream. The Som mountain rises across, and the weekend houses of Falloskút and the skiing resort of Mátraszentistván are visible from the house. From the windows of the tourist house you can also see the dome of the  astronomical observatory of Piszkés.

Kék-túra bélyegző

The house is located at the intersection point of several footpaths. Here passes the National Bluepath too. The Ágasvár Tourist House is one of the stamping points of OKT (The hungarian abbreviation for the National Blue Footpath).