Ágasvár Tourist Hut - Getting there

By car


The Ágasvár Tourist House is located on the Western ridges of Mátra on the clearing below the 789 m high peak of Ágasvár. The house itself cannot be reached by car, the roads are closed by the Bükk National Park. We recommend you to park your car at Mátrakeresztes or Mátraszentistván, and then follow the marked footpaths.

Ágasvár a levegőből
Ágasvár a levegőből

Coming from Budapest, leave the road 21 at Pásztó and then follow the signs towards Galyatető. The next village after Hasznos is Mátrakeresztes. But you can go on further to get to Mátraszentistván.

From Gyöngyös, on the road going through Mátraháza and Galyatető you can reach Mátraszentistván.

By train

Railway timetable.

On the Hatvan-Somoskőújfalu railway line the stations that fall nearest to the Ágasvár Tourist House are listed below:

From each station above there is a pathway to the Tourist House. The color of the sign to follow is indicated after the names in parentheses.

By bus

Bus timetable.

The nearest bus stops to Ágasvár on the Pásztó-Galyatető-Gyöngyös line are the followings:

In parentheses the color of the footpath is shown that leads to the Tourist House.

From Budapest there is a direct bus to Mátraszentistván, Mátraszentimre and Falloskút.

On foot

Ágasvár felé
Direction: Ágasvár

From Mátrakeresztes the red sign takes to the Tourist House. It goes along the valley of Csörgő, passes next to the Vándor spring and then rises steeply up to the Tourist House. It is approximately four kilometers long and it takes one-one and a half hour to reach the House.


Ágasvár a zöld jelzésről.
Ágasvár from the green sign.

If you set off from Mátraszentistván then after a one hour long walk on the blue pathway you arrive to the Tourist House. Probably this is the easiest route to get to the house because there is only a little height difference on the way. If you would like to make it a little bit harder, you can leave the blue line and change to the blue triangle. This sign takes you to the tip of Ágasvár and then down very steeply to the Tourist House.