History of the Ágasvár Tourist Hut

Ágasvár régen
Ágasvár in 1958

The Tourist House was built by the Pannon Tourist Association between 1925 and 1929, and was supported and funded by the Hatvany manor.

The House was opened to the public in 1st august 1929, where the cream of the Hungarian tourism presented itself. The house was named after baron Hatvany Endre of Ágasvár, and it was equipped like an average tourist hostel of that time. In 1948 the house was taken into public ownership and was operated by the Turistaellátó Vállalat.

Ágasvár nowadays
Ágasvár nowadays

Ágasvár nowadays Ágasvár nowadays In the years 1960-61 a new wing was built into the house. The house that was modern compared to the others of the same age could accommodate 32 guests in 8 rooms. In the middle of the 70s the Parádi Áfész became the new owner followed by the Magyar Természetbarát Szövetség in 1989. From 2005 it is in private hands and is being renovated since then.