Ágasvár Tourist Hut - Location

Ágasvár (hegy) és az Ágasvári Turistaház a levegőből
Aerial view of Ágasvár (mountain) and the Ágasvár Turist Hut

Ágasvár is the most characteristic peak of western Mátra. It is located 10 km east from Pásztó at the boundary of the Nógrád and Heves counties. On the 789 meter high mountain top there was a castle long time ago.  The hardly recognisable remnants of the former walls of Ágas-vár can still be found there.

Az Ágasvári Turistaház a levegőből
The  Ágasvár Turist Hut

The Ágasvár Tourist House is built on the small clearing right under the top in a picturesque landscape. The house is  638 meters above the sea level. It is far from the neighbouring villages, and can be reached only on footpath. The road leading to the house can only be used with the permission of the forestry and the National Park.

Ágasvár in "little planet" view Fotó: © Borovszky Péter
Ágasvár a turistautak.hu-n
Ágasvár on turistautak.hu

The coordinates of the house: 47° 55' 22" N, 19° 49' 31" E. The meadow next to the house lies 635 m above sea level.

There are some Geocache boxes in the neigbourhood.